What is your return policy?

Our first priority is your satisfaction. If you have any problems at all with your order please let us know. All hat sales are final.

How do I find my hat size?

On every product listing there is a hat quality + size guide. It will give you step by step instructions on how to measure your head and what size is best for you.

How do I store my hat?

It is best to store your hat in a cool + dry place. If your hat is in the sun, without being on your head, the hat could become mishapen. Do not keep your hat on a wall with the brim flat against it as well.

How can I clean my hat?

Cleaning your hat is an easy one! All you have to do is blow it off with air or a special hat cleaner and use a soft bristle brush.

Can I reshape my hat?

Yes, you are able to reshape your hat! You will need to have access to a steamer (usually located at a western store), find us at a show or come to our in person warehouse.

Can I change my hat band?

We have additional hat band options available to purchase!

I would love to collaborate with Warbonnet Hats. Who do I need to contact?

That is great to hear! We love a great collaboration! All collaboration inquiries can be sent to warbonnetcs@gmail.com

How do I place a custom order?

Right now, there is no way to place an online custom order. You will need to visit our warehouse located in Roosevelt, Utah or find us at an in person show. To get more information on this, please email warbonnetcs@gmail.com

Did we miss anything? If so, reach out to warbonnetcs@gmail.com or click the link below to send us a message.